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Automatic clearing program issue (budget exceeded)

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Dear all

when i run automatic clearing program for GR/IR account the error happened.

Item 002 Order XXXX budget exceeded

Message no. BP604


In document item 002 Order XXXX, budget  for fiscal year 2013 was exceeded by 33,661.41 USD

and it happens for 2 internal orders also !!!

thanks in advance for your help.

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Did you search before posting  ?

Please check this:

Ajit Kumar wrote:
pl check the settings in controlling >> internal orders>>budget and availability control>>define tolerance limits for availability control

Adil BENTOUMIA wrote:
the note 783161 explains system's behaviour. ( Note 783161 - Availability control check only if assigned value increases)
thanks a lot

Are you using fm_bcs ?

Check the configuration in SPRO (Define tolerance limit for availability control).

Read please this thread, about Activity Groups.



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Dear Oswald

thanks for your quick respond.

How ever i searched a lot before posting this issue and also the configuration is done right is the define tolerance limit transaction.

the problem is when when i do automatic or manual clearing and i check the entry before save and the line item displayed with local currency is "00,0" (USD) and when i display it with the group currency("also" USD ) the amount is "00.01" .... so how come ?!!!

Thanks again.


Ahmed samir

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Please give us more details.

Where did you check these entries? Tcode?


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Hi Ahmed,

The difference may be due to exchange rate difference and value is posted to exchange rate difference account mainatained in T. Code OBYC.

Check your setting in T. code OB22 for the local and Group currency.

Check specially the value in field "Source currency". Maintain 1 to avoid such differences.