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Automatic Clearing F.13

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It was noted that my configuration field (in OB74) for automatic clearing, F.13 is differ than the field seen in F.13.

In OB74, the selected fields are ZUONR(Assignment), GSBER (Business Area) & VBUND(Trading partner).

But in F.13, the matching fields are Ref Key3, Purchasing Doc and Item.

Please advise why there is a difference & where else the configuration can be done.

Thank you.

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Dear Kavita,

I assume you've marked the GR/IR account special process indicator while clearing in F.13.

If you set the GR/IR accounts special processing indicator, the program then automatically uses the EBELN and EBELP fields as well a as the XREF3 reference field as grouping criteria.

The settings in OB74 are ignored for GR/IR accounts, because the purchase document and the material document number are to be used instead.

The 'GR/IR account special process' indicator does not mean that this flag always has to be set for the clearing GR/IR accounts.

Generally, you can and should avoid setting the 'GR/IR account special process' indicator (correct Customizing required in Transaction OB74).

For more information you can refer to:

Check SAP note 546410 as well.

Best regards,


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Hi Vera and everyone,

Thanks for the feedback & it helps me a lot.

Answers (3)

Answers (3)

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F.13 selection fields are used for finding the list of documents that are to be cleared.

OB74 criteria is used for finding the matching documents from the list filtered in above step. So, what ever documents having same data in the fields defined on OB74 for your G/L would be cleared against each other.

Hope this clears the confusion.



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Hi Vani,

if your matching field if Ref key 3, then you must add field "XREF3" for the account in OB74

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Hi Vani,

For F.13, the matching criteria are defined in OB74 only.

Check your selection screen in F.13, which GL/Customer/vendor you have taken and then check for that in OB74..what is the setting.

Else, Paste screen shot of F.13 selection screen and Ob74