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Automatic alternative BOM selection

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I have a few levels BOM. Structure is following


Requirement is: I need different way of BOM selection during creating Planned order:

1. If I use BOM1 for Material A, than on lower level BOM1 should be chosen for material B

2. If I use BOM2 for Material A, than on lower level BOM2 should be chosen for material B

Is it possible to setup it with this direct connection.

Other methods like Selection method, Lot-size procedure does not work. Because both options are used for completely the same conditions.



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Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert
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Firstly, when running the MRP, the BOM selected will be defined in Plant parameters.

SPRO->Production->Plant Parameters->Carry out overall Maintenance of Plant Parameters.

The system will choose the 01 BOM as default.

And if you create two production version for B (0001 use BOM 01 and 0002 use BOM 02), and the system will choose the 0001 as default, you should change the production version manually.

Another solution:

According to your requirement, you can consider to using new material numbers, for example A1 B1, since the components updated, you can consider the Header Material was change as well.