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Automatic Account Determination During MIGO

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Dear Sir,

During the MIGO , system post a FI voucher and in this voucher GL determination happens automatically . In the posted Voucher , Store GL get Debited and GR/IR GL get Credited . The Store GL determination is based upon the Valuation Class of the material .

Sir , my query is that in SAP how does the Automatic GL determination takes place . If possible pl guide me that what configuration setting / steps need to be followed for Automatic GL determination to take place .


B Mittal

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Accepted Solutions (1)

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In SAP every movement of goods is followed by one movement type and movement type trigged transaction event keys. G/L account assignment and G/L account assigned to transaction event key in (OBYC).In Account Determination, we configure relevant to transactions(BSX,PRD,FRE) in Inventory Management and in Invoice Verification (Invoice receipt for automatic postings to G/L accounts in Financial Accounting and Cost Accounting.

For Account Determination there are 5 major criteria's are

1.Chart of Account,

2.Valuation Class,

3.Transaction Event Key,

4.Valuation Grouping Code,

5.Account Grouping Code.

Configuration of automatic account determination are with following T.Code's :

1.OMSK: Valuation Class with Account catagory reference,

2.OMWM: Active Valuation Grouping Code,

3.OMWN: Active Movement type with G/L account,

4.OMWD: Active Valuation Area,

5.OMWB Or OBYC: Active Chart of account,Valuation Grouping Code,Account Grouping Code,Valuation Class and G/L acocounts

In OBYC, the business key BSX is assigned with valuation class with the stock account( G/L) and the business key GBB & WRX is assigned to Valuation Grouping Code, Account Grouping Code, Valuation Class and G/L accounts’. Where as GR/IR Clearing account is an Interim account where the Invoice value is stored ,the G/L is getting updated through WRX business key , resulting offsetting entry. The GR/IR Account becomes NIL after IV.

The general account movements are during GR& IV


Stock A/C : DR,




Vendor A/C: CR,


Biju K

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Hi biju.k,

Can you please throw some light on how Movement type is connected to G/L accounts determination.

Let me make my question clear in below way:

1.OMSK: In this process Valuation Class assigned to Material type through Account category reference, it looks clear.

2. OMWD : Valuation area/Company coded linked with Chart of accounts and valuation grouping/Valuation modifier.

3. OBYC : Here Transaction Key(BSX, PRD..) are linked to G/L accounts through Valuation class & Valuation group.

My doubt is where/How does Movement type is linked to G/L determination.

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Answers (1)

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Dear Mr. Mittal,

You are right in pointing out that the GL account is determined based on the valuation class in the material master. The gl account determination is based on the t code OBYC.

In OBYC, for the accounting key BSX, we will have to maintain the stock accounts for each of the valuation class. The GR / IR account is based in the WRX key in OBYC. Hope that clarifies.



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