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Automatic account assignement on Purchase Order Items ( SAp ByD )

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Hello ByD Experts,

Is it possible to automatically enter the right GL account for purchase order items.
For exemple, if company A buys an item from Company B, the GL account assignement will be done automatically depending if the item is non-stock or if it is a material or a service.

Thank you in advance.

Best Regards.

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Dear User, 

When you create a purchase order for Material or Service, the account assignment details will be determined from the product master data. If you are creating a purchase order for free text item, you have to enter the product category and based on that, GL account will be determined. 

Note: In Business Configuration work center - Implementation projects - Open activity list - Fine Tuning - Default Account Determination Group for Product Categories Activity - Here you can maintain the account determination groups for Material and services. 

Hope this clarifies.