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Automate the Costing Run

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My client want to automate the costing run. Any idea how I can do that?


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Answers (2)

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Hi ST, Id do the following - Send me and email if you need assistace

CK40N Automation

1) Automatically create the costing run using a dynamic name and date.

2) Automatically Pass the dynamic costing run name through each of the CK40N sub programs

  • CK40N - Step 1- SAPRCK60 -  Material Selection
  • CK40N - Step 2 - SAPRCK62 - Structure Explosion
  • CK40N - Step 3 - SAPRCK10 -  Material Costing

3) Automatically Allow Closing Entries for Costing Run

  • CKMF_RUN - Allow Price Determination for Costing Run
  • CKMG_RUN - Allow Closing Entries for Costing Run

4) Automatically Analyze Costing Run Results and Compare to prior costing run

  • S_ALR_87099931- Analyze Costing Run
  • Build in rules to check for dramatic cost changes, such as > 10 % change. Notify business user of 10% changes.

5) Automatically Analyze Costing Run Error Codes and send emails to business units for issues related to incomplete BOMs/Rotings/PIRs/etc causing errors in the costing run

6) Automatically Mark the costs estimates once business approves workflow.

  • CK40N - Step 4- SAPRCK23 -  Mark Material Cost Estimates

7)  Automatically Release the new cost estimates on the planned release date

  • CK40N - Step 5 -  SAPRCK23 - Release Material Cost Estimates

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Hi  Tim

   Appreciate your post. Is it through a developed program ? or standard process ?

  If you post details process will helpful to everyone.


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Hello Kamal,

Unfortunately this isn't a standard process. I designed an automated costing run solution with SAP Business Process Automation by Redwood.

The real complexity in a custom program is around creating unique values, like Costing Run Names and Costing Run Dates, storing those values as SAP temporary variants...then, passing those values through to each program step within CK40N...

With Redwood software, the business user would only need to set up a costing run 'template' with their variables defined:  plants/material numbers/etc/.

To create an additional automated costing run, say for a different division within a business, you would simply copy the template and input the new variables.

This process removes all complexity from executing a costing run, as well as eliminating the need for someone to analyze costing run spool data and instruct business users on how to correct cost estimates

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Hi Boulay

  Thanks to clarify..that means REDWOOD software is required to work as an interface to carryout the variant to flow into the SAP system program to each step..


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