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When I save the xml of system forms, I see that they have "AutoManagedAttribute" nodes. In the help files I can find a minor explanation of this attribute: <i>"Specifies whether the application manages the form modes automatically. 1=true, 0=false."</i>

In the xml sample below you can see the "Attribute" element with attributes: description, id and modeAdd

<item AffectsFormMode="1" backcolor="-1" descr...>
      <Attribute description="editable" id="2" modeAdd="1"/>

I think this is for automatically disable items on forms.

I was wondering if there are other attributes that can be used and what are the valid values of these attributes.

I can only find one example:


It says that there is a modeAdd Attribute but maybe other modes can be a valid value to

The id="2, i can't find an explanation of this.

Is there anyone with some experience?

Thanks in advance.


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Hi Eddy,

This parameters have to do with the SetAutoManagedAttribute method of the Items object. You can see there that there are 2 main attributes, Editable and Visible.

Then you can set in which states you are refering, and then if the item is or not editable or visible (or just follow the default")


Ibai Peñ

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Hi there

I played arround a little bit (I just set the properties manually, exported as xml and saw what happend)

    e2.SetAutoManagedAttribute ama_Editable, afm_Add, mvb_False
    e2.SetAutoManagedAttribute ama_Editable, afm_Find, mvb_False
    e2.SetAutoManagedAttribute ama_Editable, afm_Ok, mvb_False
    e2.SetAutoManagedAttribute ama_Editable, afm_View, mvb_True

/* resulting xml (item only editable in FIND mode, 
which doesn't really make sense ;): */

<Attribute description="editable" id="2" modeAdd="0" 
    modeFind="0" modeOk="0" modeView="1" /> 

    e3.SetAutoManagedAttribute ama_Visible, afm_Add, mvb_True
    e3.SetAutoManagedAttribute ama_Visible, afm_Find, mvb_True
    e3.SetAutoManagedAttribute ama_Visible, afm_Ok, mvb_False
    e3.SetAutoManagedAttribute ama_Visible, afm_View, mvb_False

/* resulting xml (item only visible in ADD and 
FIND mode): */

<Attribute description="visible" id="1" modeAdd="1" 
    modeFind="1" modeOk="0" modeView="0" />