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Auto UD base on 03 lot

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Hi Expert,

Can we do auto UD base on in process inspection lot. suppose if 03 lot accepted then 04 lot for related to same production order will be accepted as auto UD & vice versa

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Dear A Singh,

thank you for the details provided.

There is no standard solution to your request.

However, my idea in the topic for a custom workaround:

- define the UD codes - used for 03 and 04 lots - in a way that is has follow-up actions

- behind UD follow-up actions you can assign custom function module(s), and even trigger them after commit

- it means you can trigger UD in the background - based on your predefined conditions

Hint: check the capabilities of BAPI BAPI_INSPLOT_SETUSAGEDECISION for creating the follow-up UD.

Have a nice day,



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