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Auto TO creation for PCN in case of partial rejection

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Posting change notice created after giving the Usage Decision (UD) for an Inspection lot. I have mapped in config to convert this PCN to TO automatically. This is working fine for full acceptance or full rejection of Inspection Lot.

But in case of partial rejection for Inspection Lot, there are Two PCNs created one for QI --> UR stock and another one for QI --> Blocked stock.

In this case system fails to create auto TO for the PCNs. Can anyone suggest me on this.

Best Regards,

Suresh Kanumuri

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Hi Suresh.

With the one that is not converted (QI to blocked), can you convert it manually and does it transfer the stock to a bin as per expected?

Sometimes this failure to convert is caused by the configuration of a storage type (e.g. Mixed storage not allowed). So when you transfer all of the QI lot from QI to unrestricted within the same bin, then all of the stock changes status and you are not mixing quant records

However, in the second scenario, you have changed half the status of one bin and the next transfer cannot take place because it contradicts the config rules

Let me have some more detail

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Hi Dennis,

My config for storage type works like this.

QI stock --> UR stock : auto TO with destination storage type P01

QI stock --> Blocked stock: auto TO with destination storage type R01

The above working fine for either full acceptance or full rejection.

But if i give usage decision for an Inspection lot qty of 100 as follows: 10 Rejection and 90 accepted, then i find two PCN created. Exactly in this case auto TO is not happening. But i want system to create auto TO for the above situation also.

Is there any config or userexit to handle this situation.

Best Regards,