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Auto Generate Code

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Hello Experts,

In user defined Master form, i have written code for auto generate , it works fine but i have written on form

load event .

But once the form is added the next no. should generate as next docnum is generated in other transaction form in B1 . It should work same when we transit from Add mode to Find mode and vice versa

Please Suggest

Quick Reply will be helpful...

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Instead of writing autogeneration code on Form Load it should write on on Press the Menu add i.e.

If pVal.MenuUID = "1282" And oApplication.Forms.ActiveForm.UniqueID = "frmMaster" And pVal.BeforeAction = False Then


End if

and after successful addition only activate Add Menu as


your auto generation code will run automatically

Thanks & regards,


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