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Auto creation of Transfer requirement for 311 IM movement type .

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Dear WM Gurus ,

My client has a requirement in which they have a raw material storage location RM01(warehouse management Warehouse no M01) and production storage location PR01(not warehouse managed) . When ever there is a transfer of material from one storage location to other storage location by MIGO (transfer posting against reservation) a TR must  be auto created.

We have carried out the necessary configuration for ( Inventory-movement types -IM movement types(311) -Reference movement types(311)-warehouse movement type(311) (create TR -X)).

We now observe that when ever the material is transferred from RM01 to PR01 a TR is created that can be converted into TO and confirmed . However when material is transferred from PR01 to RM01 no transfer requirement is created .

Can any one suggest the Config settings/master settings that can create transfer order for every 311 movement from PR01 (non WM) to RM01 (WM managed) ?

For accurate helpful answers full points shall be given .


Ram .

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According to my understanding, TR is getting created when you are moving materials from RM01 to PR01. Since RM01 is WM managed, picking should be done and delivered. so 311 movement type is executed.

TR is not getting created when moving materails from PR01 to RM01, since PR01 is not WM Managed; picking or WM related activities are not required. But at the receiving side, check the settings at 312 WM movement type and maintain Auto TR creation, which will create a TR for the receiving storage location.



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  TR is created as sloc is WM managed , you need to check with LB11 for open TR , if TR to auto TO setting is maintained , lease look into LT24.

Which T-code you are using ? generally with MB1A this issue is observed with mvt type 311. But if you use 312 , you will definately find TR. Else use MIGO & do one round of test again.