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Auto create batch in storage location with sales order stock

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we have the situation that unlike described in the answer to the question "Auto create Batch in storage location" the automated GR posting does create the batch on plant level but not in stor.loc. level. The posting is initiated by an IDOC creating an inbound del. and posting a 101E using MB01. Stock is posted into stor.loc. but the batch is not created on that level. I manually reversed the posting and re-did using MIGO with reference to the PO, with the same result, unfortunately.

Could it be that posting with stock type E causes this? In other cases (different plants, etc.) where we post into unrestricted, we have not had this issue. In these cases we typically post manual GR, that's why I tried this in the problem case, too.

What needs to be done to achieve the auto creation of the batch on stor.loc. level?

Any indications are highly appreciated.


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see OSS note 12736 - Creating storage locations for special stock autom.

for a solution with a modification or just to read and understand the design.