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Hi Experts,

is it possible to restrict user to view users from only one cost center in PT90 ?


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1. i don't get it .... where is field filed in IT0001 ?

S_TCODE & P_TCODE is only for TC run authorization.

2. via VDSK1 field there is no possibility to maintain cost center.

Maybe can You give me more clear tips ? I will test it.


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May be my explanation was not clear...Find below detail and let me know for further clarification.

You can restrict access based on cost center with help of Org Key (VDSK1). There is a field available in IT0001.Check again

But You need to set below steps to restcict access through Org Key. Org key consists of 14 characters which can be org unit+cost center,

org unit +position and only cost center, org unit and so on. But you need to do below setup to activate org key.

1. Manitain T527 (Organization key control)- Here you can define creation rule (only code)

2. Maintain T527A (Rules for creating org. key)- Here you can assign different field from IT0001 to created rule which has been created via T527.

Exa: You need to give access based on cost center, then maintain lonly KOSTL in T527A

01(Rule) 01 (seq No) P0001-KOSTL 04 (how many letters from cost center (KOSTL) you need to reflect in Org key in IT0001)

3. Maintain feature VDSK1- Assign variable key from T527 to your country grouping.

4. Then while hiring employee, org key will be defaulted in IT0001 as soon as you assign cost center (KOSTL) to employee and press enter

5. Then create role via PFCG > In the authorization object P_ORGIN & P_ORGXX, there is a field VDSK1. Give only costcenter code along with other information like PA, PSA, EG & ESG.....etc

6. Then assign this role to user via SU01.

7. Then user can see all employees who are only belongs to this cost center

Note:- Please note that you need to create different different roles for each cost center i.e if you have 100 cost center, you need to create 100 roles.

Hope it is clear...

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Hi Purnima,

on the same terms, pls give me advice as to how to onfig org key based on perssonel sub area. we have 4-5 HR personnel sub areas. if the user falls into any one of them then org key should default to "Yes" they are HR. if not, "No" we are doing this so HR should not be able to see other HR's comp deatils. Pls let me know how to update tables T527 and T527A and T527O.

Thanks in advance

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Hi Wozniak,

I think it is possible.

1. You create one role via PFCG with authorization object S_TCODE & P_TCODE

2. There is a filed in IT0001 called Org key where you can gice access based on any combination of abjects like position & cost center or position & org unit or Org unit & cost center.

Org Key:- The organizational key defines the enterprise and personnel structure. It can be used to assign other organizational units to employees. The organizational key is used for authorization checks.

3.To give access based on Org. key, we have to maintain following things before setting Org key in authorization.

a) Manitain T527 (Organization key control)

b)Maintain T527A (Rules for creating org. key).

c) Maintain feature VDSK1.

4. Then craete another role via PFCG with authorization object P_ORGIN & P_ORGXX. Give your position & cost center or position & org unit or Org unit & cost center in VDSK1 field.

5. Then give role who will give access (PT90) and other role who will give access based on point 4.

Try like this and revert for further clarification