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Authorization (status profile) at sales order

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Issue is related to Authorization check (Status profile) at sales order, there are 3 check which is as follows,

5  Released

10 Checker

20 Authorizer

If sales order status show authorized and after that we made any changes in sales order it’s status should be show as 5 RELS To be Released and delivery should restrict. Means after doing any changes to sales order status should go back to 1st status. How to do this ,,,

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Answers (2)

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Dear Ambarish

I dont think it is possible to reset the status. You can look for user exit at sales order change to reset the status. it will be a development and not a standard config.

Otherwise you can use MV45AFZZ include to find appropriate User exit for your requirement with the help of your ABAPer. USEREXIT_SAVE_DOCUMENT would be suitable to you.

User status are maintained at JEST table, so you can write code to activate status 1 and deactivate status 2 if sales order changed.

Below link may be useful for you



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Hi ambarish,

Please find the below links , i think it will help you.