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Authorization Object

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I am new to SAP.

What does Authorization Object mean?? I have seen it in Authorization Object for BOM Plant and also many times in other SAP materials....what is the use of it??



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Authorizations are checked against objects in the system. Authorization objects enable complex checks (linked to several conditions) of an authorization. For the authorization check to be successful, the user must pass the check for each field contained in the object. Assign this auth object to a role and assign this role to user who suppose to create BOM.

example - to crete BOm you need auth object - C_STUE_BER

In this the fileds

STLTY BOM category


ACTVT Activity

BEGRU Authorization gr

This authorization object allows you to restrict maintenance of bills of material.

The system checks this authorization when you call a transaction for maintaining bills of material. If the authorization group is changed while the BOM is being maintained, the system checks the authorization again.

Defined Fields

The table below shows the fields and values of the authorization object.

Fields Possible Description


ACTVT 01 Create

(Activity) 02 Change

03 Display

06 Delete

24 Create archive file

41 Delete from database

STLTY M Material BOM

(BOM category) E Equipment BOM

D Document structure

K Sales order BOM

S Standard BOM

T Functional location BOM

STLAN These values are defined in Customizing.

(BOM usage)

BEGRU 0000-ZZZZ Used to make additional

(Authorization restrictions on authorizations

group) for maintaining individual BOMs

(BOM header).

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Hii piyush!!!

This is something related to basis activity. When end user ask for some activity in their logon data, functional consultant give the SU53 information, which consist of authorization check data by which basis consultant get to know, what authorization object is missing for the particular user.

I hope I have cleared you. I should get some points...



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Hello Kapil,

I got a bit of it as it is mainly useful for a Basis guy...right??

I got the technical part very well as u explained it. One more thing do I need to bother about these Authorization Object as I am doing PP module?



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HIi Piyush!!!

You can see our experts reply.... lolz.

Mr.Rajesha, hats off to you. But dont you think, that it would be quite massive blow to SAP infant.

Anyways, bening a consultant you should know about it, but this is something mainly related to basis.



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thanks for your help.....

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Dear Kapil,

First thanks.

You may be knowing Piyush, whether he is a infant or consultant. I may not be knowing...I am giving the std answer in which he will take what is required for him. In our company we are giving all these data because i will be knowing which value has to be inserted and I am designing the role...I am thing in that way and answering. On the other hand Piyush should come back if he needs clarification if required,

Piyush - At least we expect a thanks from the member who got benefited from the answer, if not we are also investing time on his issue and giving our answer...

Thanks any way for your suggestion..

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Hi Rajesha

I really appreciate your help and would like to thank you for taking time and answering my questions. There is nothing like to ignore any specific answer.

Thanking you again

Best Regards,