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Authorization Object for PR

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Hi all,

our procurement process for businesses is that first we raise PR and then PO.Now our businesses want to omit the option for PR , that is they simply raise PO without PRs.

Which authorization object is required to raise directly PO??

Reply early.


Aisha Ishrat

ICI Pakistan Ltd.

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Answers (4)

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No. What I have come to know is that I have to change some parameters value of EFB object against SAP ID so those IDs can make POs without reference PRs.

I have to find out that parameters now.

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The parameters are EVO and EFB

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The user parameter EVO allows you to specify default values for certain fields and functions for

each user. For example, you can specify default values for:

Various indicators

The overview screen display

The fast entry functions

Whether or not delivery time is taken into account during source determination.

You define the default values in Customizing and assign them to a user by entering the key for the

default values in the user master record under the parameter ID EVO.

User parameter EFB allows you to define the authorizations for certain functions that may be

required during the processing of requisitions or purchase orders. For example, you can define the

authorizations for:

Manual source assignment

Display and/or maintenance of conditions

Creating documents with reference to a certain existing document

Changing the source after creating a document by referencing a requisition

You define the authorizations in Customizing and assign them to a user by entering the key for the

authorizations in the user master record under the parameter ID EFB.

User parameter EFB does not provide authorization protection but facilitates the control of complex

purchasing functions.

User parameter EFB enables you to implement delegated purchasing.

Reward pls

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Hi Aisha,

you can raise the PO directly using t.Code ME21N.

In case of missing authorization,

then please execute ME21N first, it will give you some message like no authorization.

Then after that, execute t.Code SU53 immediately. It will give the details which authorization is required.

just send the SU53 screenshot to your basis administrator.

He/She will get it corrected.

Hope it helps you.

reward points if found useful.


Gaurav Raghav.

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I dont think, direct creation of PO really needs a specific authorisation object. If you have authorisation for creating PO(It doesnt matter whether with or without reference to PR), then you can create it directly provided your PO document type is enabled for creation without reference to PR.

If that is not configured, please enable automatic creation of PO, by changing the characteristics of PO document type, and then create PO in ME21N.

The place where you configure PO type is


Reward if this helps.

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