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Authorization group for material group

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I have a simple question. If we implement authorization groups for material groups (transaction OMSF), and suppose the following.

We have SAPUSER1 with authorisation for material groups 0001 and 0002 and we have SAPUSER2 with authorization for material groups 0003 and 0004. If SAPUSER1 goes to ME21N and creates a PO, and he is going to choose a material group, is he only able to view material groups 0001 and 0002 or is he only able to select 0001 and 0002 but can he view all 4 material groups? I would like to be sure about that before starting to implement this.


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Hi Peter,

The authorization to create/change/display POs for material groups is controlled with authorization objects M_MATE_WGR Material Master: Material Groups.

You can have multiple instances of this object within the user's role as per your convenience. Like display only for mat groups 0001 & 0002 and Create/change for 0003 & 0004.

The fields with their possible values are given below:

Fields Possible values Meaning

ACTVT 01 User may create data.

02 User may change data.

03 User may display data.

06 User may mark data for deletion.

BEGRU Here you must specify the

authorization groups from Table T023

for which the materials concerned

may be processed.

The authorization group enables you protect access to certain objects.

In order to carry out a specific activity, the user must have

authorization for the combination of the activity and the authorization


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