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Authorization control at Plant Specific Material status level

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Hi MM Gurus,

Can you please suggest if it is possible to control the material master change or creation on fields values.

I got one requirement where, where our client wants to control the MM01/MM02 on plant specific material status (MARC-MMSTA)

For e.g. I have created three statutes, L1, L2 & L3. Client want only specific user can maintain the plant specific material status L3 in MM01/MM02. other people with authorization of Mm01/Mm02 can maintain/change value of L1 & L2 only.

Quick help highly appreciated..

Thanks in advance.


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Answers (4)

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Hi All, Thanks for reply.

We have achieved this using Badi in MM01/MM02 and controlling authorization using custom authorization object.



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In Oms2 Transaction Code Also you  can acheive by specfying your object...............

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This is the solution I implemented.

Works fine, I tweaked the code a bit

method if_ex_badi_mat_f_spec_sel~field_selection.

     do 1 times.

*     check t130m-tcode = 'MM02'.

       check sy-tcode = 'MM02'.

       case fauswtab-tbnam.

         when 'MARC'.

         case fauswtab-fname.

           when 'MARC-STAWN' OR 'MARC-HERKL'"Check for fields

             fauswtab-kzinp = 0. "Field in DISPLAY mode only


                ID 'ACTVT'      FIELD '02'            "Check if User is authorized to Change

                ID 'AUTH_FIELD' FIELD fauswtab-fname. "Check field level

             check sy-subrc eq 0.

             fauswtab-kzinp = 1. "Field in CHANGE mode only





in the auth object I documented that only these two fields are checked,

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Hi, Sandip

As far as I know, there is no standard option to do what you want.

We did a own develpment to do the same (FIELD_EXIT_MMSTA) linking the status and de user who can change each one.

Best regards


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Material master creation is controlled by a special team in a company. master data team often only creates the general data to ensure that materials are not created as duplicates

If You want to give material master authorizations based on user u can do it.

Authorizations Objects for the below given Comes Under Material Master.

M_MATE_BUK     Material Master: Company Codes

M_MATE_LGN     Material Master: Warehouse Numbers

M_MATE_MAN     Material Master: Data at Client Level

M_MATE_MAR     Material Master: Material Types

M_MATE_MAT     Material Master: Materials

M_MATE_MEX     Material Master: Export License Data per Country

M_MATE_MZP     Material Master: Customs Tariff Preference Data

M_MATE_NEU     Material Master: Create

M_MATE_STA     Material Master: Maintenance Statuses

M_MATE_VKO     Material Master: Sales Organization/Distribution Channel

M_MATE_WGR     Material Master: Material Groups

M_MATE_WRK     Material Master: Plants

  You can Create The Role and this role assign to your user may be its help full

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You have to create an authorization object on that field and a role with that object. Then assign the role to the relevant users with the allowed values. This will control the value entered to only users who are authorized as per the values assigned in their role.