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Hi team,

(1)In my client case, Planning and maintenance is done by same person. Means Maintenance tasklist will be created by same person and also change this case is it possible to control that user should not be able to cretae any of planned object (PM02 order) with IW31by authorisation , posiible only using scheduling, order should be created.because he is having authorisation for IW31.

(2) User is having authorisation for IW31 and Iw32 , buth should be able to create order from notification assign order only.bec in same case where i am creating standing order different order type, i have to give IW31 authorisation also.

(3)I ahve created user status and assigned authorisation codes , so user should not be able to change user status manually. this user status profile is create like when released the order , user status will get set as WIP. But if user has only authorisation for Relaed order not authorisation code assigned to user satus profile, is it possible.

Thanx in advance

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Accepted Solutions (1)

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Check this..

  • User1 needs IW31 and IW32 access to create / change work order

  • Create User status authorisation profile and assign to User1

  • Create Role for IW31 & IW32 and assign to User1 ( control via business operation ( PMM3, RMTM)

  • If User1 needs to create workorder from notification,User1 should have access to IW21 transaction.

  • Create a role profile and assign to User1.

. After you get authorisation error, you can check via transaction SU53 for any authorisation issue

Hope it helps



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