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Audit Report of Comments within Group Reporting



within Group Reporting it is possible to assign comments within several different areas. However, what is not clear is how those comments can be extracted/analyzed in a sophisticated way. E.g. the comments which are required for Validation Results. The only option we can see currently is directly within the Log.

Does anybody have a hint on how to analyze comments?

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HI Rene, This is currently quite challenging in Group Reporting. There is a Roadmap item around this that is planned for August or October of this year (please remember planned is not promised) as part of Group Reporting Data Collections.

Group Reporting Data Collections is planning to enable the ability to upload and store comments and then make those comments available to the various Analytical tools. So I can't comment much more as I have not seen detailed plans or requirements. But I do know they home this will allow us to have Financial Statement Footnotes available. The customer will have to have the BTP Data Collections to do this. I know this can work with any version of Group Reporting 1909 SP1 and higher for 3rd party ERP upload but no idea if the same flexibility will be there for comments..

Since Data Collections is a BTP application and only cloud it gets upgraded automatically. So not saying this is your ultimate solution yet but wanted you to be aware this is on our public roadmap for Data Collections.

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Hi Rene,

If I understood you right, you are looking for the Validations comments and not for the GRDC Apps comments.

For the validation comments, we found a way for displaying them in custom analytical view queries. Basically the validation comments are stored in tables (vec_cmt, vec_drr...), so you can create/combine custom views, according to your requirements.

Hope this helps!

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Thank you, Luiz. Good catch !!

Other than validations comments. Customers can leverage the GRDC Adhoc Items and comment functionality.