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AUC settlement,

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Im having a problem in AUC settlement. In AIAB and AIBU, I tried to settle AUC to fixed asset with one AUC to few fixed assets. The problem is, after the first completed to fixed asset, I cant proceed with the rest.

It was like the settlement already completed

Any reply is very much appreciated.


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If you settle 100% of AuC to Fixed asset then the AuC will automatically deactive. Means : You cannot do any transactions to the AuC.

In your previous settlement, did you run 100% settlement from AuC to Fixed Asset so the Net book value of AuC=0?

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Hi. Thank you for your reply. It is very helpful. But I encounter another problem.

I've settle 50% at first, and then when I try to settle the rest, I got this message

"Balance in transaction currency "

Can you help me out.

Thank you. Rgds


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how many settlements you wish to perform?

one settlement per period is recomendable (think even obligatory), otherwise you will have discrepancies between amount and balance ...

if you are going to settle one auc to x assets, do it at once ... with one settlement ...

first setup the percentage or amouts per each x, and then run settlement ...

if you are doing this in more than one period, then use the fields from - to (periods) when the rules are applicable ...

hope i was clear enough ...

regards ...

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Hi danny

Thanks for the explaination

Actually I want to do one settlement only for one AUC but I did a mistake because I thought one by one for each asset classes. Im very new to SAP and I have to explore many things on myself. I go through the manual for AUC settlement but it only shows the basic steps.

Anyway, thank you so much for your reply.