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attaching the document to an infotype

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Hi all,

How to attach documents to a specific infotype for an employee and where can we view the attached list.



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Hi Ashu,

You give the Tiltle / Doc Name and attached it to the PA30

For Eg: Go PA30 on the top left hand side you will get services for objects here u attach the documents.

Reward if it is usefull


Raghu Kumar R

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Hi Raghu,

Ur answer is fine but i need to attach document particular to one doing as u said we can attach generally but my requirement is not that.Let me know for attaching document to the specific infotype.



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Hi Ashu

I think Maintain text field in the menu bar under Edit field you can maintain the document i.e infotype specific document. Here you can not directely attach the file but just copy and past the text in the text screen and save it. After saving a book shaped ikon on the right hand side f the specific infotype screen will appear to u.

Reward me if useful...


Sheetal Gupta