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Attach copy of purchase order when it's changed in ME22N

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When a change is made to a Purchase order, ME22N, a copy of the print version of the po is saved under the Attachment List in the po Services for Objects area.  This only works when we use the standard SAP processing routine, SAPFM06P, set up in the NACE transaction. 

We copied and modified this program and the copy of the po doesn't attach when we use the custom program. We found that the update is done in a call to FM RV_MESSAGE_UPDATE.  I have debugged the code and I can't find a difference between using the SAP program as a processing routine and using our custom version.  The update, as I mention in an answer below, is done in Include MM06EF0B_BUCHEN, FORM BUCHEN. 

So, any ideas as to why this won't work when using a custom processing routine? 

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Thank you for any help. 


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Most likely triggered via a BADI implementation for definition 'ME_PROCESS_PO_CUST' when a PO is changed.
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Check is there any output type / workflow triggered when saving the PO. that must generate and attach the form output to the PO. If not, there must be an enhancement.