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ATP Check Requirement

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Hi Folks,

I am working on ATP check logic my logic is based on 3 things; Safety Stock, Lead Time, Confirmed PO qty (Include Shipping Notification)

I have 2 issues, one is related to Safety Stock and second one is related to Tcode Z9R2.

Safety Stock : For example, I have 100 qty of Safety Stock. When I create sales order for 60 qty it give the confirmation on the basis of Safety stock. Which is perfectly fine. When I creat the second sales order for 50 Qty it again confirms me on the basis of safety stock where as it should confirm 40 qty on the basis of Safety Stock (because 60qty is already reserved/blocked in first order)and 10 Qty on the basis of lead time. what could be the reason behind this.

Z9R2: After creating order when I try to see in Z9R2 Tcode I am unable to see the order which I created ..........I am able to see the stock and Purchase order if any created but I can not see the Sales Order. What is the reason behind this.

Your quick response would be highly appreciated.



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Check PO qty, and RLT also

in case Z-Transaction - It seems for creation- what about change and diasplay? check in MD04- if PO created for this.- you will find the order number also- then check Va02/va03



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Hi Chidambaram,

Thanks for your response. But I would like ot know when I have safety stock of 100, when I create a order for 60 Qty and second order for 50 Qrty, why it is confirming the second order as per safty stock where as it has only 40 qty left out Why the safety order qty is not consumed when I create sales order.