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ATP check at Outbound Delivery creation - default checking rule

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When I create an outbound delivery using transaction such as VL01NO, I can perform an ATP check on materials from "Goods Movement Data" tab with Environment >> availability.

The scope of this check is using checking rule B by default.

Do you please know :

- where I can change the checking rule used for the ATP check at outbound delivery creation (assign a checking rule different from B) ?

- if there is a mean to send error message in case the quantity required is not available (ie: ATP check result is negative) for at least of of the materials of the outbound delivery ?

The idea is to prevent the creation of the outbound delivery in case of non available material from an ATP point of view.

Thank you for kind help,

Best Regards

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Thank you a lot, Jürgen!

Really interesting OSS note indeed.
Still having troubles with the check in delivery and the excpected display of a message when there are not Available quantities to match the requirement of my delivery.

In fact, I try to use the ATP check in 2 situations : when releasing a PM order and when creating an outbound delivery.

As there is no option to change the checking rule "B" used for delivery creation, compared to PM orders where it is possible to assign other checing rule with transaction "OIOI", I changed the OVZ9 customizing of the combination of checking rule "B" and checking group from material master (in my case 02) reproduce OVZ9 customizing of checking rule "PM" and checking group 02 (combination I assigned to the release of PM orders in OIOI), hoping that, with the same scope of check, I would get the same result.

But it is not the case.

First difference is that in PM order (IW32 transaction), at order release , the ATP check result seems to be performed as it would be in CO09 transaction with "Check with requirements" from selection screen checked; while in outbound deliveries creation (transaction VL01NO) it seems to be without the "Check with requirements" option.

Second difference is that, when I do not have available quantity in IW32 when I try to release my order, I've a popup message "Non- Availability of material" with a "missing parts" list.

In VL01No, if I do not launch manually an availability check with "environment>> availability", it is like system does not launch the check itself. I do not see any info like "checking mateirla availability" and I'm allowed to save/create my delivery ... and even to do material pikcing and go further with the outbound delivery flow.

In OVZK, for the delivery item category of my outbound delivery, I have the option "Check Availability" which I supposed would trigger the expected check.

Do you please know what are the missing steps that would help me get the same result at delivery creation that I'm having at PM order release:

- system checking availability withut manual action

- same scope of check

- message preventing creation of the delivery if quantity is not available ?

Thank you for kind help, hopingmy long explanation are clear.