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​ATC-Check for S/4HANA Field Length Extension Material Number - only finde SOME(not all) cases?!

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I use the ATC-cheks for S/4HANA: Field length extensions - Material Number to find necessary adoptions in my code.

Here I notice something strange: One line is found and marked as problematic, good. But a few lines above, exactly the same thing is happening: a 40-char filed is pushed into a 18-char fiel (which is not a good Idea!).

And it's not marked at all. How come? And how can I gain trust in ATC-checks, if they miss such things? 😞

System: S/4HANA 1909 (initial shipment stack, S4CORE 104 0000; SAP_BASIS 754 0000).


Could you please create an incident for this respecitvely for such issues in general? Since a proper analysis including system access might become necessary here, this would be the more appropiate way to go.

Thanks and best regards,

Christian Rosenberger (Product Owner ABAP Test Frameworks)

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