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At the time of actual activity price calculatoin with diffenrent currency

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Dear Friends,

I am facing some problems. Followings are the information/Problems:

Controlling Area Currency - USD

Company Code currency - INR

Exchange rate - M type - 46.90

Exchange rate - P type 46.90

This problem is due to problem-1. At the time of actual activity price calculatoin, I am geeting huge price because system has multiplied (problem-1) and now system is taking posted amount in usd to calcualte actual activity price and according to my observation after calcualtion in usd system is converting price into INR

Questions - 1. What is the logic of calculation of actual activity price.

2. As I feel after analyses that sytems is taking posted cost in controlling area currecy and then calculating price and then converting into INR,

Is my theory correct in term of SAP standard functionality. is there any method by when system take only posted figure in inr for activity price calcualtion.

Please reply as soon as possible.


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Answers (2)

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Your question is not very clear to me, may be your message drafting could be more clear... I guess you are asking that the posted amounts are converted into USD using a different exchange rate and then the activity price is calculated... After calculation in USD, it is converted back into INR using a different exchange rate....

In KSII screen, Click on setttings, and check "Iterate amounts independently".... Now calculate and check


Ajay M

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1. If you are using common controlling area with two different participating company code currency, then you have to use group controlling currency and integrate the other company code currency with parallel currency defined in the FI ledger. Hope this is design principle based on which you have selected group currency.

2. In case group currency controlling then non-participating currency should calculate the activity rates in group currency. Meaning you have define the activity rates at EUR currency and remember this has to accepted globally.

This is key drawback where you cannot define activity rates in INR, whereas there is no option activity type creation to give object currency as INR.

Hope this clarifies.