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Assignment of IM/WM movement types and default delivery type

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Hello Gurus,

Here's my issue:

While assigning a new WM movement type in OMLR for 601 with a special movement indicator F , i found that the field T321-LFART ( delivery type) is getting defaulted with DOG.

Our SD team have defined a new delivery type Z*** to be used with VL01n for a particular item category and hence now when im trying to use my ref. movement type, its not triggering the correct result and it still showing 601 , whereas it should do 604 ( WM mvt type that i want this to be direct)

My material has this special movement indicator = F

My guess is that is because of this delivery type as DOG v/s Z****

Is my thinking right? Am im missing a step here ? Has anyone seen this same issue ?

does anyone know how to overcome this situation ?

Thanks for your help in advance

Edited by: Abhijit Sadhu on Jun 15, 2009 2:03 PM

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So i found that even if change the delivery type to Z*** and try to create a TO, its not calling the right movement type, so i dont think its an issue with T321-LFART

Thanks for your time