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Assignment Field on IT0015 Display in Pay slip

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Hi Folks,

As per client requirement wage type assignment number(ZUORD) need to display in standard payslip, please suggest the feasibility from the functional specification.

Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert
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Hi Kishore

This can be done by putting ZUORD into the VAR table when P0015 is processed in the schema. (Use payroll operation XVO with operation indicator B in the rule that reads the infotype.) Then read the VAR table in the payslip configfuration.

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Hi Katherine

Thanks for suggestion i have already processed with PCR & getting ZUORD values in VO table, but data is not fetching while putting it in payslip i am also sharing the attached file please look into it, if i am missing something.


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Please reply waiting for suggestion.

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Hello Remi,

I have already tried with custom pcr ZASN & also data is coming in result but my query it is not picking up in payslip,

please check the screenshotscapturzasn.pngcapture-zasn.png.