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Assign Nota Fiscal Type to Sales Document Types - Public Cloud

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Hi friends,

We are implementing Brazil (NF-e / NFS-e) on S/4HANA Public Cloud and are facing some difficulties about the following configurations:

  • Assign Nota Fiscal Type to Sales Document Types (S_ALR_87007608)
  • NF relevant Item Categories (S_ALR_87007627)
  • NF Relevance (Billing Types) (S_ALR_87007624)

We know that these t-codes above do not work in Public Cloud solution and included them just for reference. ‌‌😉

We can't create new sales documents as well.

We searched the SSCUIs documentation but did not find any related IDs to these items.

How to define the types of NFe related to the respective sales documents, Billing, Item categories in Public Cloud and link them? ‌‌🤔

Should we implement only through Badis? ‌‌🤔

Thanks. 🙂

Fabio Spulveda

Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert
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Can you please help answer this question?
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Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert
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Hello Fabio,

I would recommend you to check what is possible in the localized standard solution for Brazil, as I found some docs here that could help you:


SAP Help

I can see the following written, you may find useful info for Configuration Options for Nota Fiscal, Brazil:

In your configuration environment, use the search function to open the following activities, according to your needs / Relevant settings for electronic fiscal documents

Define Contingency Reasons

Define Cancellation Reasons

Set Tributary Unit of Measure



SAP for Me

For completeness of the analysis I recommend you to go through this scope item Electronic Documents (2RP) in SAP for Me; please note this requires SAP Document and Reporting Compliance additional licenses


=> Can you please have a look at these resources and provide some much appreciated feedback?