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Assign multiple Sales Employee to a Business Partner, Sales Order, AR Invoice, etc.?



I have SAP B1 V10 SQL.

We have almost a hundred sales people with some Client Business Partners being assigned multiple Sales Employees.  These sales employees receive commissions.  We also have some employees who are 'servicing' the site but do not receive commissions.

My question(s):

  1. is there any way to tag multiple (2, 3, 4, or even 5) sales person to a BP, SO, AR Invoice, etc.?  (for commissions purposes)
  2. is there any way to duplicate that Sales Employee box (and its multiple tagging ability) and label the new box "Servicing Employee".  This way we can identify who is/are responsible for servicing the site but do not receive commissions.  (there is also a 'Technicians' field, but that is limited to one value, and does not directly draw off of the same list as Sales Employee)

I've seen other postings on this forum suggesting creating a second commissions box to handle two sales employees who receive commissions. But this solution would not work for us for the reasons below:

  • Each box is still limited to one value/Sales Employee & we could have up to five sales employees. per business partner.
  • If we had the two box types (multiple boxes for each of sales employees + service employees), it would be significantly more complex.
  • searching in SAP would be too cumbersome if there were too many boxes to search

So, that's my challenge and I'm hoping some experts can help.


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Out-of-the-box your options are pretty much to do a UDF (user-defined field) and then link it to the system Sales Employee object like this:


You could add as many as you wanted to any of the system objects, BP, SO, etc.

Then you would build queries to support the multiple commissions.  There isn't much in the way of commission tracking OOB.  It's up to you to track the items, programs, calculations and payments.  I end up doing this for every implementation.

But every business handles commission in a slightly different way so it usually works out OK.

You could use B1UP to make things look nicer (place the fields, automate some of the tracking and data entry) but as long as you make the right fields and tag them properly you should be able to do what you need.

Good luck!