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Assign BADI to Appraisal Catalog??

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Hi Experts

How can we assign or remove a BADI to Appraisal Catalog?

Please help

Best Regards

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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You can add the enhancements(Badis) to the category in Phap_catalog under the "Enhancements" tab. Try to add all enhancements possible. Once you do this the appraisal templates under that category can utilize the enhancments.

In the Appraisal template, the enhancemtns are available in the tab "Layout" for layout specific enhancements and under the tab "Processing" tab.

In the Processing tab check for the button "Further template behaviour". All the other enhancments are added and removed here. Based on the filter value, the enhancement implementations can be added here.

Hope this helps you.



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Hi Subbu

Thanks a lot for your answer. It solved my problem.

Thank you again

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