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Asset Values in SAP - Best way

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Recently, we uploaded assets to SAP. Now we want to enter values.

If I use F-91  and post to vendor . It will create a invoice entry in the system which we don't want.

What is the best way to enter values to the system.

Thank you for your answer.


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Thank you all

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the regular transaction to post individually would be AS92 to take over the legacy values. For mass purposes you could use transaction LSWM utilizing BAPI BAPI_FIXEDASSET_OVRTAKE_CREATE .

For manual data transfer of values you could also have a look here: Manual Legacy Data Transfer - Asset Accounting (FI-AA) - SAP Library



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Hi Tina,

If you are talking about legacy asset transfer. Then you have to follow the below steps:

1. Enter take over values in AS92

2. Delete reconciliation account type in OAMK

3. Post the values in OASV - It is used for update values in FI module. The entry will be:

    Asset A/c Dr

    Accumulated Dep. A/c Cr

    Legacy balance clearing A/c Cr

4. After posting, you have to set the reconciliation account in OAMK

5. Run ABST for consistency check between AA & FI



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Hi Tina

When you say that you recently uploaded assets to SAP, is that you moved the assets from your legacy system to SAP ?

If it is a legacy asset transfer, then you may use AS91 transaction to create asset and post values to your Asset Reconciliaton account directly.

Also clarify when you wanted to load values only to asset accounting, how would you offset the same as it follows double accounting. The better way is to offset it to Vendor Invoice.

Use any normal FI posting transaction like FB01 with the right asset transaction type and post it to an off-setting account, which you should plan to knock it out.