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Asset Shutdown, reverses current year depreciation for posted periods

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Dear SAP Experts,

Following your suggestion is on Asset Shutdown, however, this is what I am seeing in my system ECC5.0

1. Created additional interval starting with Apr 1st, 2009 - since the Mar depr has already been completed, and shut the asset down as of Apr 1.

2. Just by doing this step alone, the asset will still depreciate with some debits and credits (small amounts ) for the remaining of the current fiscal year and will be completely shut down for the remaining fiscal years. Why is it doing this?

3. Changed the depreciation key from ZSTL to 0000 - in addition to having the interval above created.

4. After that step, the asset stops depreciation going forward for current year and following years, BUT it reverses the YTD depreciation taken so far - in this case Jan to Mar.

So, as you can see we do not have a solution where the asset is shut down as of a particular date and there is NO depreciation going forward AND the YTD depr is not being reversed. Please let me know if you would like is to set up a meeting and go through these steps, or if maybe I need to test something else.

Please help.


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Hi Jessie,

do you use period weighting? If so this explains the small amount calculations within the shutdown periods. There is an OSS note explaining this behaviour.

Are you on ECC 5.0 or 6.0? If you are on 5.0 as you stated, then how do you create time intervals for the depreciation key? This functionality does not exist in ECC 5.0. And if you enter a depreciation key 0000 in ECC 5.0, it will definitely wipe out all depreciation. As of ECC 6.0 you can activate the new depreciation calculation functionality, please search the Blogs in SDN. Nathan wrote an excellent Blog series of how to activate and features of the new depreciation calculation.



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We are on ECC5.0. We are not using or have time intervals on depreciation.

We want to shut down the depreciation for some periods - the only way I thought this was possible was to: 1. Shut down the interval for the period or

2. Use the 0000 depreciation key.

Shut down is not working and 0000 key is reversing any periods that have been posted in current year.

What do you mean by: do you use period weighting? We are on days depreciation. What options are their for me?