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Asset Retirement Problem

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Hi All,

Recently we have changed from Jan - Dec Fiscal Year to Apr - Mar. A Shortened Fiscal Year was introduced. Now, in the current Fiscal Year, when Asset Retirement is done through ABAON with the retirement date in the second half of the month, instead of just one month depreciation being posted, two month depreciation is being posted. Can someone kindly help me to resolve this issue?

Thanking you in advance for your help.


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Answers (2)

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Please go in SPRO and t-code AFAMA. Select the depreciation key you are using and double click on Assignment of calculation methods on left side inside dialog structure. Note which Base method, Decl-bal method, Period control, and multilevel method you are using. If you want to calculate depreciation till previous month if the asset is retired in current month than i think you might need to define your own period control by going in OAVS and copy SAP std. and rename it to 'X1'.

Now go in t-code OAVH-Define calendar assignment and click on new entries and select the Fiscal year variant of your company and period control you created-X1. Also input month and no. of days for that month and period.... for eg.

<i><u>Month, Day, Period</u></i>

3, 31, 11

4, 30, 0 ... (since your fiscal year is now Apr - Mar)

5, 31, 1

6, 30, 2

... and so on

Now go in T-code AFAMP and click New entries and define a new Period Control for Acq, Add, Retirement, and Transfer ... for eg.

<u><i>Prcd Method, Description, Acq, Add, Ret, Trn</i></u>

X1 , 01/01/X1/X1, 01, 01, X1, X1

Now go back to AFAMA and select this period control, which should solve your problem.

Hope this helps.

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Can you give details period controls used for the depreciation key