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Asset reclasification

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Dear Experts ,

can you please help on this issue

1] i have building asset for value is 10000 and deprecation is 10 years and i run deprecation for this asset last 14 months .now asset value is [approx] Rs 8000 .

2]i need to transfer this asset from building to furniture asset [ here the asset class is changed from Building to furniture ]and the deprecation need to to changed from 10 years to 5 years for this transfer asset [ building to furniture]

can you please suggest me can i transfer from TC : ABUMN , then that deprecation balance how i can do because last 14 months deprecation is calculated for 10 years life span base but actualy it is wrongly entered ,it need to be calculated for 5 years life

How i can adjust this deprecation values



Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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You can transfer the asset through ABUMN. After transfer, you can change the Useful life and 'Expired Useful Life' fields through AS02 for this asset. If the rate of depreciation is dependent on the useful life, the system will recalculate depreciation and post the adjustment amount in the next run.


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can you please explain a little bit more on this

1 ] what i posted deprecation ia actually wrong it runs 10 years life span , but correct deprecation life span is 5 years .

for this previous dep calculated amount is less so now asset book value is shows high ,

2] now actualy asset book value is Rs 7000 from todays date in my own calculation book value , but in my asset sap book value it shows Rs 8000 , so what i do this excess Rs 1000 [ actualy this amount is deprecation amount for past dep calculate ]

the defference cames from life span 10 years for dep calculate , but now we change from 10 years to 5 years



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