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Asset Module

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Please do let me know in business environmnet for SAP implementation Which consultant is implementing & supporting the Asset module.?

PM 0r FI?

Tell me we need to create as the asset & take into PM for the expense assets or Tangible assets (which is purchased or available already up2 life time)


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Dear all

please let me have the idea expense assets or Tangible assets (which is purchased or available already up2 life time) needs asset code & deperciation run ???


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Thanks all. I have taken this qusetion for present trend of business.

Just consider that my business process is depending the asset transfer from country to country . it should hit all the places while transfering.

It means that Equipmenets as pm, Materail as MM, Hygenic materails as EHS, Documents posting as FI, Shifting as Asset, country verisionas while shifting country to country, Taxes as shifting to another country, Leased asset as received company.

And so one. Note that here the equipments is transfering with in the group of companies with various Co codes to provide the spl equipments for some customer services, Plants opeartions.

If so what will be the best to handle this process is by PM is better correct ?

Another client business is created aassets under FI-AA module in manufacturing steel business. The depreciation needs to be booked every time. So that best possible way is handling thro PM will be better since Asset is mostly as equipments

In continious industry(like chemicals, Papers) buiness where PM will stands for supporting of assets ?

Utility industry for power divison also the best way is handling thro PM is coorrect ?


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Predominantly it is the FI consultant who implements the Asset Module.

The role of PM consultant comes into picture when we talk about the integration of Equipment Masters with the Asset Masters.

You can easily integrate both by defining the following:

1. Automatic Creation of Equipment with the Asset creation (VIA AS01) so that the master data are synchronized

2. Builiding a field relationship between Asset Accounting & PM so that any changes to Asset Master data gets captured in Equipment Master

Thus both can be closely integrated in SAP



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In terms of configuration, support, and implementation, FI-AA has been predominatly in the FI domain. I have never seen a customer implement FI-AA where the asset team (consultant and customer resource) were assigned to the same logistic group that PM was. It's an FI subledger, so it's usually (nearly always) managed as part of FI.


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Hello Thenna,

well it is not a question who - PM or FI - is doing it and it depends on the customer´s business process.

At som customers FI creates the asset first via FI-AA and then this asset is put into PM-Objects like Functional location or equipment. In that case FI has to tell PM which assets have been created.

Some customers allow the creation of "asset under construction" via a PM-order (like PM07 -investment order of the SAP IDES System). This will create the "asset under construction" automatically when you release the order. All costs and postings then are collected on the order and during settlement thes cost are handed over to the "asset under construction" where FI then decides if this "asset under construction" generates one new asset or if muliple "asset under construction" go into one asset.

I´m not sure if your question is driven by data migration or by business process issues?

Hope this helps a bit

best regards

Lutz Knabel