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Asset migration RAALTD01 how to read many entries

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Hello Expert,

This is my first asset migration data and i'm having problems with RAALTD01 (batch input method)

I finally understand that RAALTD01 creates a batch input only when there is an error in the file uploaded, thanks to help sap, otherwise the assets are created automatically in step 13 "create batch input session"

Batch Input and Direct Input - Transfer of Legacy Assets to the SAP System - SAP Library

My issue is that i upload 3 assets (3 entries) in the test file, but only the first transaction is read and created in this step 13. The 2 assets left are exactly the same as the 1st one, so there is no errors in the remaining assets and the program RAALTD01 should read the 3 transactions. what 's special with the program RAALTD01 ? am i missing something?

Thank your for your help.

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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I find the solution, the field BWCNT should be mapped with the number of transactions in the step 5 of the LSMW

BWCNT should be equal to '0001' as a constant.

This way, the program RAALTD01 can read more than 1 transaction.


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