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asset accounting

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HI SAP guru's

I have some doubts in asset accounting.

(1). how can i configure multiple shift factor for calculating the dep on shift basis.

(2). what is imp of declining method. (one of the calculation method). how the system is calculated the dep with the help depreciation multiplication factor in decling balance method.

(3) what is the imp of change over method.

pls provide real time exp with documentation.

appreciated with reward points.

Thanks& Regards,


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Answers (2)

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Though u select the options in the <b>multiple shift</b> field of dep. key the rate should be given for two shifts as a single rate in Multiple Level Method. These multiple shift rates are provided in companies act.

<b>The change over method</b> is to switch the method of depreciation. Let after certain period the depreciation under WDV is less than St.Line if mentioned here system switches to that method.

Hope this clrifies your query


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Is your issue resolved?


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Hi Ramya,

1. Settings for multiple shift depreciation is made in Depreciation key. In the depreciation key - click on the tab Assignment of calculation methods. In this screen you can select the option - Increase in depreciation and expired useful life.

2. Decling balance methods are defined in the menu path:

SPRO - Financial Accounting - Asset Accounting - Depreciation - Valuation Methods - Calculation Methods - Define Declining Balance Methods.

This is assigned in the depreciation key.

3. I am not aware about change over method.

If required I can forward a document depreciation configuration to your E-Mail id.



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Hi kavita ,

already i tried that one but is not working(shift factor). pls send documentation to my mail id

thanks in advance.