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Assest accounting Depreciation Not posted

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Request you kind help in the below scenario of Asset accounting - depreciation posting:

I have done the below steps in Asset accounting in SAP:

1. I have created an AUC (Asset Under Construction) asset with AUC asset class. (T code -AS01)

2. Post acquistion for the asset created (T code: F-90 - with Vendor / asset)

3. For converting the AUC asset to Fixed asset, as it is a normal AUC asset recrod, I tried with the Transfer option (T Code: ABUMN) - selecting "New Asset" opiton - to create the receiver asset with "Buidings" asset class.

4. system posted a document for the acquisition postings of the new asset created - so the AUC asset has been transferred to the newly created asset.

5. Now, If i run the depreciation for this asset (with T code : AFAB), I found there is no documents posted for depreciation - and also, in the asset master record of the newly created asset, "No depreciation" message appears.

My question is : How to post depreciation of this new asset - transferred from the AUC asset?

Thanks in advance

with regards

Ravi Raghavan

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I am curious about a few things...

Do you normally create AUC assets manually?

Are you using WBS elements?

Do you settle the WBS activity to AUC assets?

Did you check the transfer variant details in ABUMN before the transfer?

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*Please refer to the below notes from the SAP AA Manual - 4.6C release...

..*Settlement of an Asset under Construction


An asset that you produce yourself has two stages in its life that are relevant for accounting from the point of view of your company:

u2022 Under construction phase

u2022 Useful life

Generally, an asset has to be shown in different balance sheet items, depending on the phase that it is in. Therefore, it is necessary to manage the asset as a separate object or asset master record during the construction phase. The transition between these two phases is called "capitalization of the asset under construction" in the following.

Process Flow

You can manage the asset under construction in the system in two different ways, depending on the types of functions that you need. The asset under construction can be either a normal asset record, or a master record with line item management. As a result, the transfer from the asset under construction to completed fixed assets can be handled in one of two ways:

u2022 Summary transfer from a normal asset master record to the receiver assets (transaction type 348/349)

u2022 Line item settlement of an asset under construction that has line item management

Assets under Construction Without Line Item Management

The procedure corresponds to the procedure for the transfer between two assets within the same company code....

Hope the above will answer your queries....

Thanks & Regards

Ravi Raghavan

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Dear Ravi, ABUMN is not a way to transfer AUC class to FA class.. U must done AIAB, AIBU then system will calculate depreciation.. For ur information, for AUC there is no depreciation calculated....

Thanks & Regards


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Dear Ravi,

First you have creaated one AUC asset....then acquisation through standard t.ocde. As per companies act and Income tax act there is no depreciation for WIP assets.

All AUC assets need to settle through standard t.ocdes Like AIAB & AIBU and calculate depreciation through AFAB.

Best rgds


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Dear Suma

Thanks for your instant response to my query... I am describing the problem in some more detail as below:

I am not trying to post depreciation for the AUC asset.

Moreover, the AUC asset class, NOT defined as "Line item settlement" - wherein your suggession of the transaction codes AIAB, AIBU can work with.

For settlement of the AUC asset which has been created as a normal AUC record, the process (given in the SAP manual) as "Summary transfer from a normal asset master record to the receiver records - transaction type 348/349".

Hence, I followed the above step - Transfer the AUC asset to Fixed asset with ABUMN transaction.

When I tried to run depreciation for the new asset (created in the above process - with different asset class), the system is not posting the depreciaiton.

Whereas, I could be able to run depreciation for all other normal assets in the company code.

Hope U got my problem...

Thanks & Regards