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Are the Periods in FinancialAccounting&Controllong driven by system date?

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Hi Experts,

Our Finance Department wants the Period roll-over on Wednesday, 24.12.2008 (Close period December 2008 and open period January 2009 period on the same day) in Financial Accounting&Controllong modules.

Are there any consequences in doing that?

Are the Periods in SAP (FinancialAccounting-OB52 & Controllong-OKP1) driven by system date?

Normally, we will be performing Period roll-over on 1st day of every month.

Please help...

Thank You,

Nagarjuna Palnati

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Answers (2)

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HI experts

First confirm your OB52 configuration is on day basis or month basis .In case it is on day basis you can close the specific period of 24.12 & allow the entry from 1.1 onwards . if it is configured on Month basis then you can not stop for a particular date without closing the month .

Since the date is controlled by the systems , you can only restricts the period by blocking the OB52 & OKP1 by mannually closing .

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Hi Nagarjuna,

SAP derives the date from system date.

If you are closing the period for December2008 on 24/12/2008, you will not be able to make any postings for the period 25/12/2008 to 31/12/2008.

Thanks & Regards

M. Chandra Kumari.

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Hi Chandra Kumari,

During the period 25/12/2008 to 31/12/2008 the postings should go to January 2009 period.

Is that possible? since, we will be rolling FI & Co periods to January 2009 on 24/12/2008.

Please reply...

Thank You.