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Are changes in S/4 Hana transferred to the Ariba SLP through the SLP replication model (DRFIMG)?

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Hello together,

Is it possible to update supplier data using the SLP replication model (DRFIMG) without using the ARBCIG_MASTER_DATA_EXPORT program?

Can data be exchanged from S/4 Hana to Ariba using the replication model.

The process in the standard as I understand it is as follows:

Lierantenanlage Ariba-> Synch with ERP Button (Ariba) -> Supplier is replicated to S/4 Hana -> Supplier was created in S/4 Hana.

If data from this supplier changes, how will this data be updated in Ariba? Without using the Master Data Export program?

Thank you very much for your help.

Best Regards,


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Answers (2)


Yes it is possible to update supplier data in SLP without masterdata export program.

You can use DRFOUT for manual push or enable/activate entry "MDG_BS_BP_OUTBOUND_DRF" in view "V_BUT_CALL_FU" for automatic data push when create or change of supplier occurs

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Use the DRFOUT and utilize a variant to trigger msg out to CIG if any changes happen