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Hi Friends,

What is Archiving?

What happens to documents when archiving is done?

Can we retrive the documents if they are archived? If yes, how?

What are the popup messages that trigger while archiving and also while retriving the sales documents(orders, deliveries, invoices).

Thanks in Advance


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Archive means extensive collection of data.

Archive is to keep aside data that you need for reporting.

Whenever you need them, you can get it from where you saved while archiving.

The idea is to have better performance by keeping only the data that you need for reporting.

For example, It can be a PO archiving or a sales order archiving.

Data Archiving removes mass data that the system no longer needs online, but which must still be accessible at a later date if required, from the database.

The time required for full archiving depends on many factors like:

1. how many archive objects you are going to archive

2. how much data from how many years

3. how many instances, how many clients

4. how much time users will require for testing

and so on

Normally it could be around 3 months to 6 months activity