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archive printlist to file systems?

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We do NOT have IXOS and alike yet.

So we want to archive printlists to the file system.

Would you please help advise how to achieve it and, after archiving how to view the archive printlist?


Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Create Queues

In this customizing activity you create queues and specify the queue administrator. This process should become part of the installation routine of the storage system, because not activating a queue can lead to irreparable errors (and may mean having to repeat print list creation and storage).


CARA Queue: Queue in which the spool writes the storage requests.


You can create queues for the following functions:

Asynchronous storage (CARA-Queue)

Error in asynchronous storage (CARA_E-Queue)

Storage confirmation (CFBC-Queue)

Error in storage confirmation (CFBC_E-Queue)

Asynchronous retrieval (CFBA-Queue)

Error in asynchronous retrieval (CFBA_E-Queue)

You can also define a queue administrator.

Also u can check in archivelinking.

Edit Links

In this customizing activity, you link a document type to an object type, a content repository, and a link table. This has the following effect on documents of this document type:

The documents can only be linked to instances of the specified business object type.

The link entry is entered in the specified link table.

The documents are always stored in the specified content repository.


Enter the following data:

Object type:

Business object type that exists in the business object repository (transaction SWO3).

One object type can be used with more than one document type.

Document type

Name of a document type specified in the customizing activity Document types .


X: The storage system is active.

Empty: The storage system is not active.

Content repository ID

Two-digit identification number that you have entered in the customizing activity Maintain Content Repositories .

Link table

Name of the table, in which ArchiveLink enters the link entries between stored documents and the corresponding application documents.

SAP supplies the following link tables:

TOA01, TOA02, TOA03 (general link tables),

TOAHR (only for documents from the SAP HR application component),


TOADL (only for print lists).

Alternatively, you can define your own link tables. To do this, enter the customizing activity Maintain available link tables. Here you can also find a description of the link tables supplied by SAP.

Retention period

Number of months the entry for the stored document remains in the link table before it is deleted.



Answers (1)

Answers (1)

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I feel that there is no way to archive a printlist to the file system. As print list archiving is based on archive link and this needs an external storage system (or SAP Content Server).

There is a possibility of storing spool list as PDF in the local file system (in the desktop or shared file system etc). Please refer to note 317851 for more information. But using this method, you can only download the spool as PDF to local filesystem, and there will be no link to this pdf file back to SAP system.