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archive link: change filename

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good morning ,

we print an invoice from  VF20 tx, and a PDF file is stored in INVESODC. We have customizated  ArchiveLink.

We want to change the file name that we sent to INVESDOC. (Year + invoice number + ..) can we change it using ABAP? You know any BADI or USEREXIT for this?

it´s not necesary for us to change the file name  in the GOS.

thank you very much

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hi Victor,

Great question. ArchiveLink is limited in terms of attributes that are stored and does not have the concept of filenames. Everything is represented by a document type only and hence you can quickly loose track of documents, especially recurring documents that are stored under the same document type. So there is a solution to your problem as per SAP Note and specifically

Good Luck,


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thank you very much Peter,

but the notes refer to the part GOS

I have solved. I have created ENHANCEMENT for 'SAPLSCMS_URL' program, in routine 'TRANSLATE', and also I used  EXPORT / IMPORT.

the problem is the function 'SCMS_AO_TABLE_CREATE', makes a call to the function 'SCMS_HTTP_CREATE' with the parameter 'comp_id =' data '. 'data' is the value for the filename.

The aim is then to change the parameter with 'comp_id' with our value.

It is a little complicated but It is possible

many greetings

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