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Approval Matrix in SAP B1

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In the approval process matrix in inventory transfer I have identified that there are 3 steps
1. Creation of document by Initiator
2. ⁠Acceptance of document of approver.
3. ⁠Issuance of material by initiator after approval.
I need that the once the document is approved by the approver the stock gets transferred to the approvers location, as in the 3rd step happens directly in the background once document is approved.
Please let me know if it is possible

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This was a big problem for me, the solution was to make an add-on that reads the authorized sketches and saves them. I created a user in SAP called "automation" with the indirect license to perform the processing, so I know that it was my "little robot" that recorded the sketch.



SAP 9.3 PL14 - SQL SERVER 2014