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Approval by 2 users

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Dear all,

We have a problem with dis-approving/rejecting a sales order document by 2 users.

We have set an Approval Stages with 2 users and an Approval Templates also with 2 users (orginator).

When the stages-users, one of the user has approved then the orginator get an alert.

But when we dis-approving/reject a sales order by 1 user (in the approval stages users) the orginator doesn't get an alert.

This happens only when the second user (in the approval stages users) dis-approved/rejected then the orginator get an alert. The change of the sequence in the dis-approval/reject has no effect.

How to set this when we dis-approved/rejected by one of the users in the approval stages that the orginator get an alert.

The approving proccess works.

Thanks in advance,


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Dear Chief,

I am afraid there is no workaround and the only way to proceed would require both approvers to reject the sales order.

Kind Regards,

Marcella Rivi

SAP Business One Forums Team

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Thank you Marcella.

We are using SBO2007A is there in the future with dis-approving/rejected?

Thanks in advance,


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Hello Chief,

This is according the definition. All users under the stage need to

reject the document.

Lisa and Kate are approvers

Mike would like to have his SO approved


It is enough if one of the approvers i.e. Lisa,or Kate approves Mike's

Sales order. Lisa, for example, can approve Mike's Sales Order on her

own. Mike will receive confirmation.


Lisa,and Kate will have to reject Mike's Sales Order,

otherwise it will stay as pending. If Lisa, for example, rejects Mike's

Sales Order, Mike will receive no information about this. Rejection by

one out of two approvers cannot complete the process. Further

processing is only possible, if someone approves the document or all

reject it.

The logic behind this behavior is that only if number of Approved plus number of Waiting is less than

number of all required approval user defined in Approval template,

the document will be treated as rejected.


Wilma Wang

SAP Business One Forums Team