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All experts,

Do you know how to maintain this list?

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hi Kets,

Go to Application & User Management work center

Select Business Users

Select User

Edit Access Rights

In the Work Center and view Assignment , Flag the relevant work center/view ID

In the Access Restrictions, for the relevant view, give unrestricted access

Lets say, if you are expecting User : A to be shown in this list, then make sure you add 'Managing My Area' work center view assigned to that person and this user should have unrestricted authorization to at least one of the work center views for which the corresponding BTM belongs to.

If you do this way, user will shown in the list for selection and then you will be able to assign the task &


Lokesh Sharma

Answers (1)

Answers (1)

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Hello Kets,

From the screen shots, I can understand that you are trying to assign the task manually. However you will not find any user in the list.

When a manual payment, such as an urgent wire-transfer, is created by the cash manager and is ready to be paid, a task of this type is automatically sent to the responsible approver. Only after the task is approved, can the cash manager complete the payment and forward it to the bank. Tasks of this type are decision tasks, which can be approved, rejected, or sent back for revision.

A task of this type is sent to the manager’s approval worklist. By default, this is the manager of the functional unit responsible for this business document. In addition, all employees assigned to managerial work in this functional unit will also receive the tasks. However, this can be reconfigured to suit business requirements.

The relevant users receive this task in the Approvals view in the Managing My Area work center.

If you want to see the users in the list, make sure that users are assigned to Managing MyArea work center. Hope this is helpful to you.

Best Regards,