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I am implementing 360 degree Appraisals for the first time. It would be really great if you could help me out in solving this problem.

I have taken all appraisers in appraisal as Part Appraisers. For 360 degree appraisal, the Client wants No Appraiser can see other appraisers ratings except HR Department. ESS access is given for only Managers. I have configured like this:

Column Objectives -- Part App

Column-Owner HR -- Part Appraisers

partAppraisal ownr display -- change

OthrPartApp display -- hide

I am facing a problem here. I have selected Self, Manager, Subordinate and External customer as Part Appraisers. Since Self doesnot have ESS access, he has to sit with Manager and give his ratings. Manager can directly give his ratings, Subordinate also has to sit with Manager and give his ratings. For External customer form will be sent by HR and the feedback will be updated by HR.

So, in this case, how to give column access to different people for one column Part Appraisal (PAPP). Please help..this is very urgent.



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hi Sikindar,

You can achieve that with the help of BADI

HRHAP00_COL_ACCESS -Appraisal Document - Column Access

You have to assign the BADI in your Appraisal catalog.

Get the Role of the Loged person(Appraiser/appraisee/part/)

then turn on/off/hide columns accordingly.

    • piece of code...

when c_status_in_preparation.

availability = 'H'.

column_owner = space.

when c_status_in_planning.

case s_body_columns-column_id.

when 'OBJ0'.

availability = 'H'.

column_owner = 'X'.




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thnk u joythi