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Appraisal Weighted Result Calculation

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Hi Experts:

I have the below query in Appraisal Systems.

1. we have a column for displaying the appraisal weighted result for appraiser.

weighted result (FWRS)= weighting (FWGT)* appraiser rating (FAPP).

here, we have used enhancement WEIGHTED_RESULT for calculating the weighted result automatically.

simillarly, we have to display appraisal weighted result for appraisee.

weighted result (XWRS) = weighting (FWGT) * appraisee rating (XAPP).

but, the enhancement is not available here for calculating the weighted result.

Tried with BADI's HRHAP00_VAL_DET_007............but still somethings is missing.

Unable to create new enhancement in table: T77HAP_FLT_EXI.

Experts pls provide some hints.



Edited by: srikanth reddy on Dec 31, 2008 11:18 AM

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You can use standard implemention only when you are using standard columns. If you want to use your own customised columns, you need to create Z implementstion for it.


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Ask your abaper to creat an implimentation of BADI HRHAP00_VAL_DET from transaction SE19

there are six diffrent methods in this badi. put your required code in VALUE_DETERMINATION method..

you will see in attribute tab there is a filter Weighted_Result ..the same will be there in Criteria group against the weighted result column under heading this filter creates the link bw your BADI and Appraisal.

further more...don't forget to deactivate standared BADI HRHAP00_VAL_DET after creating new enhancement of this the filter can only be use for one BADI at a time..and it also sound logical.

what every requirement you have you can put that logic in your code....we had far more complex creteria and we handled it very easily..

hope it will help you a lot.



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Hi Samriddhi and Khalid:

Thank you very much for your inputs.

I completely agree with you.

In my scenario, I'am using Customer defined columns for recording ratings and dispaying the Weighted result for Appraisee only.



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Hi Samriddhi and khalid:

In stardard BADI...HRHAP00_VAL_DET_007 the filter value is WEIGHTED_VALUE and i'm using this filter value for Calculating the Weighted result in Column (FWRS).

Now, to calculate the Weighted result in column ((XWRS), we have copied above BADI in Z name range and used the same Filter value WEIGHTED_VALUE here as well.

Now, system is not calculating weighted results in both the columns-- FWRS (Standard) and XWRS(Custom).

Now, here one filter value is used from standard BADI implementation and another filter value from Z-implementation.

Should i have to activate both the BADI's at the end...........?

Please suggest.


Srikanth Reddy

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Hi Guys,

I am also having the same problem in terms of the calcualtions. we have a requirement of the weighted result calculation automatically. we have custom coulmns like the unit of measurment should be divided by the mutaully agrees assessment and multiplied by the maximum weighatage. then such calculated sum should go and sit in a weighted result automatically. Please advice on this how to take it forward.

Thanks and regards,


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Hi friends thread closed.

Done with Z implementation.

thanks all


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Hi Srikanth,

I need to show some info in my Z Weight column, this data is in a Z table.

Once I get the info I need, how do I show it in the correct cell?

I allready create a Z implementation for HRHAP00_VAL_DET and modify t_body_cells-value_num with my info, but then the information doesn't shows up in the template.

I allready assign the implementatio to the cell I need.

What I'm dooing wrong? Any ideas?



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Hi ,

Pls check that you column is not in 'no input' if yes change it to optional .

If any query revert back .